Sandpaper Grades | Door Refinishing

Sandpaper, used inevitably in every wood working project you will ever endeavor to start, and is critical for finishing or refinishing exterior doors. Sandpaper is critical in refinishing exterior doors, and for that matter all doors of any sort.

When using on exterior doors, apply a lot of elbow grease and will power.

Buy plenty of sandpaper in at least three different grades besides the garnet paper.

You will regret it only when you don’t have enough on hand to finish the exterior doors refinish job effectively. A shoeshine-boy technique simplifies the sanding the finish on your exterior doors.

GARNET PAPER provides the smoother surface for the smoother finish for doors.

This is a pale-orange sandpaper which costs a little more but lasts a little longer and with less clogging.

Buy several sheets and keep in on hand for sprucing up your exterior doors finish. Invest in this for final finishing of your exterior doors. It is worth it.

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