Steel Wool Grades | Door Refinishing

STEEL WOOL accomplishes about the same rub-down effect as abrasives such as pumice stone, but with a lot less effort and time-consuming mess. When refinishing doors, especially exterior doors, you should have a lot steel wool on hand. You will need several grades for refinishing or just shining up your exterior of your doors: Rough,Continue Reading

Gum Spirits, Paint Remover | Door Refinishing

Pure Gum Spirits or Turpentine is needed for cleaning and thinning varnish, paint, and enamel when refinishing or staining your exterior doors. Do not be stingy with turpentine; it is an excellent wood-conditioner, especially for solid wood doors. Always have a rag soaked in turpentine lying around to clean up after sanding the wood doors,Continue Reading