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September 14, 2010

Source: DoorSmart

I have written at great length about doors. I told you about leaded glass doors, exterior doors, front doors, back doors, you name it doors. What I have not shared is my passion for Mahogany Doors.

You see, my Dad left corporate America at the youthful age of 52 and decided to follow his passion for woodworking. In time, he found a retail door company; it was for sale, it had a great product, and an excellent source. The name of the door company was Doors of Distinction.

The company had a great product, supplied in partnership with it’s sister company out of LA, Doors of Elegance and a fine Gentleman out of Toronto. Mahogany doors are the pinnacle of the door industry. They are difficult to source, and more importantly, scarce in supply.

These elements (mahogany doors) and my father’s passion for woodworking would inspire me to learn a trade, one that will be eventually taken over by the faster, cheaper, more convenient world (read cheap door retailers).

You see, Mahogany Doors are not available today in the numbers that were before. Folks claim “solid” Mahogany Doors, but few actually deliver, or if they do, they will charge you through the nose. Mahogany is a scarce resource and a protected one; deservedly. Not only that; no retailer actually believes the customer is educated enough to look at the doors closely to see if they are engineered or solid. You have to cut the door open to find out.

I am tired tonight, but I wanted to put a personal face on my Mahogany Doors passion. It is real. If you have questions, please keep sending them in; I enjoy the conversations and the friends I have made over time here.

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