Gorgeous Stained Glass Doors vs. Gorgeous Leaded Glass Doors

August 23, 2010
Source: Door Smart

So you are considering gorgeous stained glass doors or maybe gorgeous leaded glass doors. Either way they are GORGEOUS! Stained glass is exotic, beautiful, and add a level of uncommon design; yet there are a lot of things to consider given the higher level of investment you will have to make in these types of doors.

Stained glass historically has been reserved for windows. When considering putting stained glass into a door you have to consider that the door will be a 100% custom door, unless you buy a ready made unit, which there are very few examples. The reason this is a custom door unit is because typically a stained-glass window is custom independent of itself.

Stained glass doors will have your your colors and the custom glass panel must be inserted into a blank door. A blank door is a door that does not have the glass already installed. You will have a set dimensions if you go this route, for the stained glass panel. A blank door is a door that has an opening for a glass panel.

Once you’ve designed the stained glass panel you can then have a door pro put together the door by inserting your custom glass panel into the blank door. Now you have a finished custom stained glass door door ready for you to put together with all the other elements (door jamb, finishing, door handles) to install in your home.

There are design elements to consider with stained-glass. The lighting entering the door from the outside and the colors of the stained glass will reflect and refract light. This is critical to consider because if there are certain colors you do not like shining in when the light shows on your furniture, carpet/flooring, do not put them in the glass panel.

Additionally, interior light behind the door in the evenings will show up the colors as well. Does it match your exterior; does it go with your landscaping; does it match the paint, the brick, does it match the driveway; does it go well with other accoutrements like the windows, garage door, or light fixtures? These are all elements to consider when you consider putting in a stained glass front door entryway.

Another consideration with stained-glass is that stained-glass typically is not as thick as most beveled glass that are used in leaded glass door panels. For this reason you might consider putting an extra layer of glass over the front and/or back. This will do two things it will protect the glass and it will provide further installation.

However, know that when you put the glass over the stained glass it may remove some of the beauty of the lead in the glass panels. Also make sure to put the steel rebar across the back of the glass. Extra special care should be taken when considering putting together a custom stained glass door. A lot of money goes into the glass panel you want to make sure it does not break. Reinforcing the glass panel is one sure way to make sure the glass does not break or crack when the door is open or shut.

Special consideration should be taken when considering stained glass doors.

Be Door Smart. And If you want help in designing and have a stained glass door made properly, drop me a note, I have suppliers that I can tell you about that will not break the bank. Also, some of the advertisers on here are good starts with specialty doors like a stained glass door; check them out. Did I mention these are gorgeous doors?

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