Door Styles from French Doors to Leaded Glass Doors

August 10, 2010

Source: DoorSmart

There are many door combinations and styles when choosing the door unit right for you and your home.  Below are the typical combinations, although in construction, most anything is possible.

  • Single Door Unit
  • Double Door Unit
  • Single or Double Door Unit with Sidelites
  • Single or Double Door Unity with Sidelites and Transom

Your “rough opening” will determine your unit of choice.  You may be limited, or you may not be.  Your choice of door will most likely drive your choice of sidelite, most times the sidelite is a repeated pattern of the door.  In the case of a transom, you are somewhat limited to the door design in terms of the glass pattern, but you can customize it to put your personal touch.  Transoms can be rectangular, arched, or half rounds.

Whether you are choosing a French Door or a Leaded Glass Door, a Mahogany Door or a Steel Door; all of these combinations are similar.


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