Paint, Varnish, Oil Remover | Door Refinishing

Paint, varnish, or oil Remover is needed for removing old finishes and mistakes when you finish or refinish exterior wood doors.

From time to time you will be totally displeased with work, especially a color finish on your mahogany wood doors (or other solid wood doors), and will necessarily have to start all over again staining your wood doors.

It is suggested that you think big in this instance and keep a good supply, at least a gallon, on hand. You will be surprised how many times you will decide to strip down and refinish your solid mahogany doors (or other solid wood doors), and this is the greatest assurance for getting on with the job when the exterior mahogany doors appear just about there.

There has been a lot of discussion about the best remover to use on exterior wood doors.

With few exceptions, the old finish must be removed to obtain satisfactory results; and exterior doors may have been finished originally in anyone of a half-dozen different things:






Or any combination of these

It is difficult to select a remover that will work effectively in removing all these old finishes. Still, there are many very good removers available. Of the two general types of paint and varnish removers which are manufactured today, the type that requires a final wash with turpentine or alcohol is preferable over that requiring a final wash with water, as most removers contain a wax or paraffin to retard the evaporation. This wax or paraffin must be removed also as no finish applied over it will turn out right.

Removers can “be made of many different solvents and bleaches. You must necesssarily consider bleaches also in this instance, as there may be stains or discolorations that will have to be removed.

As with most everything else used for refinishing solid mahogany doors (or other solid wood doors), I have learned to mix up my own conglomeration, because about the time I became accustomed to a particular brand it would be taken from the store shelves and another put in its place. I have bought so many different brands that my shelf looks lIke one in a used paint store.

There is much to be said for the economy of mixing your own. Mixing your own is a matter of knowing the nature of the different chemicals and acids which are classified as solvent or bleach. All of these things are poisonous and must be treated as such.

KEEP THEM OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This caution must be exercised even with the commercial removers and bleaches. Work in a well-ventilated area, as the fumes from these materials are very disagreeable and most of them are toxic. Avoid getting them on the skin, as serious burns may result.

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