High Impact Renovation | Replacement Doors

December 15, 2010

Source: DoorSmart

I am constantly asked what is the most impactful exterior renovation you can make to improve the value of your home?

Impactful Home Improvements

There are several answers including improving landscaping, painting the house, replacement windows, and replacing your front door. In my case, I always tell folks that replacing your front door is probably, dollar for dollar, one of the best renovations you can make to instantly improve the value of your home.

In my case, I bought a middle of the range home when I was young. The house had double four-lite French Doors made of pine. They were light weight and were the same style of doors as the rest of the neighborhood.

I went shopping for new doors. I settled on leaded glass doors and specifically true-divided leaded glass French doors. The beauty of the beveled glass all connected with lead is indescribable. The cost was a little under $700 because I was able to finish and install them myself using the existing jamb.

Value of Home Improvements

All told, I refinanced a year later and the appraiser was able to garner a value of $3000 to the overall value of my home for the door improvement alone.

On a design note, the French doors kept with the overall neighborhood theme, but were unique and beautiful. I recieved a multitude of complements and referred a great deal of folks to the door store I bought them from.

When it came to the other improvements versus replacing my front doors, I am thoroughly convinced that replacing the front doors definately improved the overall value of my home versus replacement windows (very expensive), improving the landscaping (put down mulch), or painting the house (no way).

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