Can Solid Mahogany Exterior Doors help me Sell my House?

September 12, 2010
Source: DoorSmart

This is an excellent question. Most folks will tell you that a clean home, well manicured lawn and a big kitchen and master bathroom are THE selling points of a home.

The reality is, all the points of your home are selling points. The question is where do you get the most bang for your buck.

Front Entryway Doors

The first thing that a prospective buyer will touch on your house is your doors. They will see the finish on the doors, the color and the style.

  • Is your door an eyesore on the front of your home?
  • Does it match your exterior décor?
  • Does it fit with the architecture?
  • Does it say, “This house is elegant on the inside?”

Remember, everything communicates and your front doors are an easy way for you to improve the value of your home quickly and with little expense.

Exterior Doors and Refinishing

I have written a number of articles on refinishing doors. Why? Because this is an inexpensive way to increase the “WOW” factor of your front entryway. It requires a lot of elbow grease, but the materials are a lot less than trying to paint your entire house to match your door. A new coat of paint, or a renewed varnish on your exterior doors will bring you an instant increase in value because when the buyer of your home sees how clean the front doors are, they will carry that thinking throughout their walk through your home.

Hardware for Exterior Doors

Is your hardware old, worn, not working? A very simple repair is to tighten up the door, replace worn pieces and shine up those door handles. Your front doors are not going to sell your house on their own, but they are an important factor in the decision making process. While subtle, it is an advantage you can have versus other homes in the neighborhood.

Replace Front Doors

This is an option. If you have a local retailer, go check out their shop and ask them about their cash doors. Believe me, they have them. You can buy a thousand dollar door for about three hundred bucks. All you have to do is finish it and install it. And if you do, again, this is an inexpensive way to instantly increase the perceived value of your home.

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