Door Value – Price, Quality, Experience

August 22, 2010

Source: Door Smart

Door value price, quality and experience

When considering the value of your door puchase, take into consideration the difference between going to a Steak House and eating at your Local Pub. Purchasing doors is similar to considering different cuts of meat. You are not to pay for a choice sirloin when your price/value expectation is more on order with a prime filet. In this example, the price/value relationship is critical; it is just as critical when purchasing exterior doors or French Doors Mahogany Doors .

Another variable to consider is the experience or service. What level of service do you expect with a filet? What level of service do you expect for a sirloin. Choosing high quality doors is like eating at a Fine Restaurant versus eating at your Local Pub.

Think quality. When considering quality you have to look at the type of wood and the type of glass, if you are purchasing glass doors. I am going to focus on wood. Let us start with wood solid mahogany versus an engineered versus a fiberglass door. All three have their place in a home and are functional as well in different places but when considering a front entryway door unit you have to consider a much more; if you\’re in a harsh climate buying a pine door might wind up eventually warped and cracked; it will not last as long and will not keep its beauty as much as engineered or solid wood door.

Engineered doors – while claims are made it is a superior door, is not time-tested as of now (10 plus years). Solid wood doors made of Maple, Mahogany or Spanish are doors that have stood the test of time. These solid wood doors have superior beauty over other doors, specifically steel, metal, and fiberglass doors.

When it comes to pricing, door prices will be obviously much higher on the solid wood doors and much lower on the softer woods, fiberglass or composite. The lowest pricing you can expect in a high-quality solid wood door is in the range of -600 per door, just the door.

Once you paid for the door you now have to pay for the jamb parts, you have to pay for the bronze door handle or hardware, then you have to pay for the construction of the jamb, then you have to pay for finishing the door, then you have to pay for delivery of the door, then you have to pay for installation of the doors. This will add up quickly.

You can try to outsource this yourself or do it yourself, but in reality at any step of putting this entire process together you can easily make one mistake that will wind up costing you a lot more money. For instance, consider getting the door rough opening wrong. If you get the rough opening wrong and you build the jamb the wrong way, you will have to break down the jamb and rebuild it again; you just effectively paid for two doors.

Think finishing, did you finish the door wrong or it is not finished tightly the door can quickly and in the right environment show signs of damage discoloration my recommendation is go to a door professional who is familiar with the entire process of replacing the door or installing new doors for your home and has the contacts to be able to do it in a timely manner.

What is timely manner? If you order a door expect 3 to 4 weeks if you want the door work done right. Rushing a door will cost you extra. A door can be done in as little time as a week, but you have to make sure they pay extra special attention to the finishing of that product.

My advice is take a timeline of 3 to 4 weeks consulting with a professional and do not be afraid to buy a door that little bit more expensive. Remember when you have somebody to drop their price, one of three things are going as well – the quality – they are going to drop the finishing or they are going to drop the experience. Something will go away if you want a lower price.

You do not have to go buy the most expensive doors, but you do have to consider when you get your price down and you start negotiating what corners are they going to cut? When you are making investment this large you do not want anyone to cut corners, would you?

Be Door Smart.


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