How do you buy a door online? Ask Door Smart!

August 19, 2010

Source: Door Smart

This is a GREAT question and I thank a reader for asking. I’m not so sure you should buy your door online unless you are fully informed about what it entails.

The doors look great, actually I have yet to see a door picture look good on the internet, but if you are determined and you know ALL the specs of what you are looking for, you are going to find deals on the internet versus a local big box retailer or a local store.

There are reputable online door retailers who offer high-quality, high customer service (I’ll go so far as personalized), and who know the investment you are making on solid mahogany doors, whether they be traditional French doors or leaded glass doors. I have the contacts to the real deal.

Look at the photos posted here. These doors are easily had through a retailer I know personally. If you are interested, I will facilitate an introduction. I want to make sure before I turn you over that you understand all the details, my reputation depends on knowing what you want and need. And, I can help to make sure you get what you expect, not what they want to sell you.

When you search the web, you are going to find cut rate prices at certain sites [read: big low price points and pictures]…the best door retailers are local, truly local and have contacts that are not known to many, but to few.

If you are in search of the pinnacle of quality when it comes to solid mahogany doors, drop me a line, give me a shout…after you do, you will certainly be able to say, “I’m Door Smart!”


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