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About Us – Door Smart

Door Smart is the authority on understanding doors. I mean, a door is what stands between you and the other side so it could be said that a door purchase is one of the most important decisions you have to make when it comes to your home. You don’t want folks to come to the front door and knock and the door break, or it blind them, or worse, have them turn away because of an eyesore.

I have been in the door business: retail mahogany leaded glass doors, door jamb construction, leaded and stainedglass design, raw Luann Mahogany wood sourcing and purchasing, door and wood/glass importing; basically, I’ve touched all aspects of doors. I understand glass, woods, core materials and a whole host of other things that you would never consider, but are important when considering the fact you are about to shell out some serious clams.

Browse the site for the articles and learn. Drop me a line in contact us, but be forewarned, I have a dayjob and I have a family, so if they let me get on the computer, I will respond accordingly and unfortunately at my leisure. Visit our advertisers, they are chosen because they are in the “Business” of doors. Unlike me, I’m just a resource during your purchase for you to make a decision.

Be Smart when you make your door purchase, be Door Smart! Sorry, that was pretty corny, but I do believe that a door purchase is one of those where folks have a lot of questions and believe I can help. Have a great day!